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What is the purpose of this site?
This site has been established to share translated patient education materials, predominantly for the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations in central Ohio. This is a collaborative project of the three adult health systems in central Ohio; The Ohio State University Medical Center, Mount Carmel Health and OhioHealth. Our goal is to provide culturally appropriate materials to promote health education and wellness among immigrant populations who may not speak English as a primary language. We plan to continue to add titles in various languages to this site over time.

What does the web site provide?
Features include:
  • Site searchable by topic, general categories or language
  • Materials are not copyrighted - provided as a public service by the partnership health systems
  • PDF format for consistent format and easy downloading with Adobe Acrobat
  • Culturally appropriate materials
  • Materials translated by contracted translation service then back translated for accuracy.
  • Easy to read, with English version written at or below 6th grade reading level using the Fry Formula for readability. (Not aware of reliable readability scales for foreign language material)
  • Dual language format
  • English and translated version will appear on adjoining pages, with matching page breaks (some foreign languages require more text than the English text).
  • Materials will be reviewed and updated as needed or at least every three years.

How are items selected for translation?
The topics are identified by clinical experts within the three partnership health systems providing care to immigrant populations within central Ohio. Additionally, we have sought input from focus groups within the various immigrant communities to identify their priority health learning needs.

How is this project funded?
Grant funding has been awarded through the Columbus Medical Association Foundation, Columbus, Ohio. The American Medical Association Foundation has provided some funding for this translation project through their Health Literacy Grant program. We continue to seek additional funding to expand the inventory of materials we can make available on this site.

Who can I contact for more information about this site or the project?
Each of the project team coordinators would be happy to address any other questions you have related to this web site or the translation project. Please feel free to contact one of the project team or use the online contact form.

Site & Usability Questions:

Why am I being asked my state?
We ask users of our site to tell us what state they are in so we can get a better understanding of where our audiences are.

What information are you collecting about me?
Any information we collect on this site is only used to track the popularity of our documents as part of an internal audit. Personally identifiable pieces of information such as name, e-mail address, IP address, etc. are NOT collected at any time unless specifically entered into our contact form. Information we transparently collect includes time stamps of when unique users enter and leave the site, which documents were accessed and search terms used. Our tracking of this information relies solely on the use of cookies. If you would rather not have your usage tracked, you may turn cookies off at any time. You may still use the site.

This is the best information ever! How do I donate?
You may make a donation by using the information found on the Donation Information page. We appreciate any and all support.
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Finding information on can be done two ways. You may search or browse by category or language.

Searching: To begin Searching, enter a single or several search terms relevant to information you are looking for into one of the search boxes on the site.

  • Contact Form / Information: You may contact us via this form for any questions or comments.
  • Donation Information: This lists information on making a donation to help continue
  • Site Map: A list of all links in a linear format if the menus are confusing to you.
  • Resources: A list of resources for individual languages and general resources for limited English proficiency health care.

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1. Begin browsing by categories. Material may not yet exist that fits your needs in specific languages. By browsing by categories rather than languages you will see documents that exists in all languages. Browsing by a specific language will omit documents that do not have a version of the language you are browsing by.

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